Episode 164 - To Vietnam and Back - The Incredible Story of Howard Goldin - Part 2

Part 2 of the story of Howard Goldin, a Vietnam Veteran who was an infantry soldier in Vietnam. 

In this episode you'll hear about his return to the United States, his work in the police and the meeting with a young Vietnamese girl that changed his life and the lives of thousands of children, in Vietnam

A Piece of History Podcast episode.


  • Porch Swing Days – faster – Kevin Macleod
  • Time Passes – Kevin Macleod
  • Thinking Out Loud – Kevin Macleod
  • Pride – Kevin Macleod
  • Promises to Keep – Kevin Macleod
  • Bama Country – Kevin Macleod
  • Perspectives – Kevin Macleod
  • Neo Western – Kevin Macleod
  • Starry – Kevin Macleod

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